Welcome to Voting Matters NYC.  We are established to create political diversity for the people of New York City.  We want people of color, women and the disenfranchised to understand the political process.  We will teach people how to organize, how to engage politicians and finally we will drive up voter registrations to parties other than the Democratic party.




Our Mission is to remove the ‘Uncle Tom’ label attached to Black Conservative thought

Our mission is to create and use community outreach programs where our selected Community Champions will engage people with ideas, political theory, scholarship and social media platforms that will de-mystify and make more palatable the conservative thought that underpins the Republican Party.

Our Team

Founder – Tony Evans.  Mr. Evans was the recent Republican challenger for Congress from the 13th Congressional District of New York.  Mr. Evans will design, implement and oversee our programs.

Exec. Director –

Director of Programming –

Director of Religious Outreach –

Director of

Community Champions – we are recruiting several local leaders who will serve as advisors and outreach coordinators for Voting Matters.

Board of Directors – we are recruiting 5-7 New York City based business leaders and thought leaders.  We seek community based members AND national figures to help us access the best thinking about how to fund community outreach programs and leadership.

Board of Community Elders – we are recruiting 10-15 established voices in our city who can lead discussions and debates about key issues we encounter in New York.  Ideal candidates might be people like: Cong. Charles Rangel, Gov. David Patterson, Rev. XXXX, Imam XXX, Rabbi XXX, District Leader of GOP XXX, District leader of Dem Party XXX.  Here we want a broad group of time-tested front line experience to discuss the issues and to bring a more scholarly academic non-partisan approach to high level discussions.